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Dont fall for the to good to be true service call because it just may end up costing you more. a respectable, honest HVAC company will charge a reasonable service charge so that they can do a througoh, honest inspection with out having to make a lot of unessary repairs or upgrades so that they can make up for their "foot in the door" or "free" service charge. all our service technicians are paid by the hour not commission and are held to our RGP Heating and Cooling Difference, customer satisfaction, honesty, and integrity, rather than being finacialy motivated to make unessary repairs or upgrades.


When considering a HVAC contractor, ask to see documentation that they carry general liability insurance to protect your property as well as workers compensation insurance on their employees. The State of GA does not require employers to carry workers compensation insurance. Lack of adequate insurance could be a major problem for you if someone is injured on your property. An air conditioning contractor should always have these types of insurance and this will save you from a claim against your homeowner’s policy in case of an accident.


Choosing a HVAC contractor should include checkingto be sure that the HVAC contractor’s license is current.

Another source for finding a competent HVAC contractor is the local permits office for your municipality. The municipal inspectors know the HVAC contractors who do good work from the HVAC contractors who do poor work.


Once you identify and contact a HVAC contractor, set up an appointment with them to visit your home.During the meeting the contractor should inspect your existing air conditioner and collect a wide range of information about your home, how many windows and type, which direction they face, and R-value of the insulation. The contractor uses all of this information to calculate the heat load to verify that the existing equipment is correctly sized and proposed equipment is also correctly sized. You should receive a written estimate from each contractor. If one contractor submits a bid that is dramatically different from the other bids ask the contractor to explain the difference. Some HVAC contractors represent only one line equipment and using these contractors has advantages and disadvantages. On the plus side the contractor has probably gone through specialized training offered by the manufacturer. Should there be any problems with equipment performance you may have additional leverage because you may be able to involve the manufacturer. If you get estimates from contractors that sell other brands make sure they are recommending equivalent equipment.

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